Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chaos to Order (free ebook) Review and Link

Yesterday was a slower day than usual. We finished our school lessons early, the kids were busy playing, and I had a few extra minutes to read some emails and browse some helpful homeschooling sites.

One site that I am subscribed to is Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Every day they offer some free online resource, sometimes it's a video clip, many times it's an educational ebook. Lately, I have been working on getting our home more conducive to homeschooling, eliminating the unnecessary and rearranging schedules and furniture to make life easier. So, I was happy when I saw yesterday's freebie was an ebook called From Chaos to Order: 25 Tools Bringing Organization to your Home.

I had opportunity yesterday to read through the ebook. It is not your typical how-to-get-organized book. It has nothing to do with where to put your papers or how to organize your sock drawer. This book is about restoring order to your life, and doing it biblically. Each 'tool' is presented first with a verse from Scripture. God created everything to have order, and Malia Russel uses the Bible to show God's design for order in the different areas of our lives.

This was the most helpful and encouraging book I have ever read on the subject of getting organized. It is biblical, and it makes sense. Here is the description on the back of the book:

Women have a yearning to create a home, a place of order, beauty,
comfort and peace. However, the compulsion to do it right often collides
with feelings of guilt, inadequacy and frustration.

This encouraging book is solidly based on the fundamental truth of
God’s Word, Malia’s personal experiences, and insight gained from
practical information, personal application and Scripture references.
working with hundreds of women every year. Each chapter is filled with
This book will help turn modern homemakers from overwhelmed to

I highly recommend this book to any mom who, like me, gets overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain needs help and direction! I plan on reading through this again, and probably again. :) You can get get the free download here (it's the resource for Jan. 31). And you should also check out Malia Russel's website, Homemaking 911.


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