Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day in the Dirt

The weather was gorgeous today! And I had a ton of motivation - woohoo! After an exhausting week and a sick day, I was very glad to have some get-up-and-go.

I started the morning in the front flower bed. After weeks of neglect (hot weather, busy, no energy....) the weeds had taken over... :( BUT they did not stand a chance against me and my spade! haha! The good thing about the weeds getting away from me was that there were some flowers that popped up that I probably would have pulled up with the weeds had they not had the chance to bloom! (I have mentioned my not-so-green-thumb...) Well, the weeds are gone, and now the beauty of those little flowers can shine on! It felt really good to get that done. The girls had fun digging in the dirt with me, especially Julianna:

Next we moved to our little garden in the back. It's a raised bed, so not much weeding, just checking on my two tomato plants and the sunflowers that Emma planted this year. She was so excited seeing them grow, and just this past week they've all come into bloom. I love how they really brighten things up.

And the tomato plants:

This is an heirloom variety, the tomatoes are interesting shapes...

And this is just a regular beefsteak tomato. There are 5 little ones growing! I hope they turn red...
 And finally, the other day we noticed some rather large yellow flowers growing in our bushes at the back of the yard, so I went and checked them out, and turns out we've got ourselves a pumpkin plant growing! It was from our rotten pumpkin that we discarded of last fall! Hopefully we'll get a pumpkin out of it for carving this year!

See the flower?
A pumpkin vine!

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