Monday, July 11, 2011

Halfway! (a pregnancy update)

First of all, I apologize for my blogging absence lately. Life seems to be demanding more time and attention these days. And the only thing I want to do at the end of an exhausting day is go to bed! But today was a good day, and I've got a litte extra mojo... :)

I am officially halfway (more or less) through this pregnancy! Since things have been so busy, I can't believe I only have 4 1/2 months to go! I had so much I wanted to accomplish, and I know it's not going to get done, but I seriously need to start making some lists of things I want/need to make for this little one.

We had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago. We tried to find out the gender. The u/s tech gave us her guess, but she really couldn't get a good look between the legs. So, we are somewhat planning to expect what she told us, but I am still a little skeptical. It's a baby, that's for sure, and we are thankful to be blessed with another little bundle of joy, no matter what the gender! Also, according to the u/s I am officially due November 24th. If you haven't looked ahead at your calendar, that is Thanksgiving Day... I already have plans to do some cooking ahead and freezing, whether the baby comes before then or not, it will be all done and we will have a very relaxing Thanksgiving day, unless the baby decides to come on that day, then we will have a very exciting Thanksgiving day .... ! :)

Still going through names... I have some I like, but none that I truly love just yet. We have some time anyway.... for now.... :)

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