Friday, August 19, 2011

String Beans and Tomatoes - but mostly tomatoes...

Well, the air is finally getting cooler. And I am so thankful that summer is just about over. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, I love the crisp air and the feeling that change is coming. With the cool air comes the harvest, and not that I have a garden to harvest, but God is always good and always provides.

Someone had given our church a huge box of tomatoes and two very large bags of string beans. After the people of the church had taken what they wanted, we got the rest. Since our congregation is on the small side, there was still a TON left.

This is only half of the green beans, an entire sinkful!

My 15.5 qt stockpot overfloweth with tomatoes!

So I sauced the tomatoes and canned them, and froze the green beans. It was my first time making and canning a large batch of tomato sauce. Attempting new things always makes me nervous at first, but it was super simple, and now I have confidence in my tomato canning abilities. :) I followed these directions from Heavenly Homemakers. If you need to know anything about canning and preserving Laura has provided a lot of great information and instructions on her site for more than just tomatoes!

These will probably mostly be used for making yummy homemade tomato soup! (recipe on my recipe page!)

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