Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I like the idea of Valentine's Day. A day to remember those we love and show them in some way. The commercialism that it has become, not so much. Kind of ruins it really. My husband is a Valentine's rebel. :)

Love doesn't (shouldn't!) need to be bought. This morning my husband did the dishes for me, as I had errands to run in town. That's the kind of  romance I like - genuine appreciation.

So, I did some Valentine's day baking! (another great way to show someone you love them!) Emma helped me. Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free posted this recipe I thought it was cute, so I gave it a try. (I used honey in place of agave, and used my own brown rice flour blend.) They're not super sweet, more like a peanut butter shortbread, but I thought they were really good. Emma liked the jam. Hubby wasn't thrilled. (More for me!!)

My husband isn't into chocolate or cake. So, I made a pie. Raspberry, yum! :)
I have never found a gluten free pie crust recipe that I liked. I didn't like the idea of putting xanthan gum in it. I had tried that before and thought it just made the crust tough. So, I ended up using my regular pie crust recipe, added an egg to hold it together a little, and then added enough water to make it all stick together. It came out really good. It made me happy. :)

So don't forget to always show someone that you genuinely appreciate them. It'll go a long way, and say more than a diamond bracelet ever could.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Those look yummy Karen! I baked cookies last night but they aren't as cute as yours. :) Love ya!!