Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yummy Creativity

Having succeeded at making a gluten free pie crust the other day got me excited about making pie. This time I made a cookie crumb crust using gluten free gingersnaps. I sliced some bananas over the bottom. I put a layer of peanut butter pudding over the bananas. Then I topped it with a layer of chocolate pudding! It was divine! Visit my recipe page for the pudding and crust recipes to make this pie! (*note - I only used 1/2 batch of each pudding for one pie, but you can totally make a full recipe if you want, I'm sure it won't go to waste!)

Today I sat down with the girls and they stuffed their pillows! I don't know what's so hilarious about stuffing a pillow, but Jules was giggling the whole time! She's such a silly girl... :)

Good Night!


  1. That pie looks yummy! Those girls are growing too quickly. What a fun project to do together. Cute!!

  2. AWWWWW I miss ythose girls!!!!! You are such a great momma, you have so much more patience than I do hehehehe!